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The Monterey County Pops! presents“Tubby the Tuba”

Join the Monterey County Pops! Brass Quintet as they explain the magic of brass instruments and present the classic tale of “Tubby the Tuba.”

The FREE, LIVE 50-minute presentation is intended for K-6 students and may be scheduled, by contacting Monterey County Pops! at 831 484-5511 or via e-mail at

The tuba’s name is Tubby and at first he doesn’t like the way he sounds in the band because the other instruments make fun of his um-pahs. With the help of some caring friends, he learns to be proud of who he is.

This social and emotional learning component is intended to reinforce K-6 standards. It teaches the lesson that no matter who we are, or how we are regarded by others around us, we are each unique and special with gifts and talents of our own.

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