Monterey County Pops! is an orchestra dedicated to bringing pops and patriotic music performed by professional musicians free-of-charge to the families and visitors of Monterey County while identifying, engaging and educating underserved youth of Monterey County.


The following summarizes the conclusions of a study by Martin Guhn, Scott D. Emerson, and Peter Gouzouasis published in the Journal of Education Psychology.


A Population-Level Analysis of Associations Between School Music Participation and Academic Achievement
Online First Publication, June 24, 2019.

"This large-scale study identified evidence of positive relationships between school music participation and high school exam scores in English, mathematics, and science using population-level educational records for over 110,000 students in British Columbia, Canada. Participation in school music (especially instrumental music) was related to higher exam scores, and students with higher levels of school music engagement had higher exam scores. The positive relationships between music engagement and academic achievement were independent of students’ previous (Grade 7) achievement, sex, cultural background, and neighborhood socioeconomic status, and were of considerable magnitude: The group differences observed in our study were greater than average annual gains in academic achievement during high school. In other words, students highly engaged in music were, on average, academically over 1 year ahead of the peers not engaged in school music. In light of this study (the largest of its kind to date), as well as supporting evidence suggesting music learning in childhood may foster competencies (e.g., executive functioning) that support academic achievement, educators may consider the potential positive influence of school music on students’ high school achievement."


Monterey County Pops!/Community Partnership for Youth Chorus

Memorial Day 2016 – Monterey City Hall Lawn


Pops! Brass & Percussion at Spreckels

4th of July Community Celebration


Pops! with the Youth Ballet Folklórico Tapatío

King City


Monterey County Pops! captivates a Young Listener


Pops! with the Young Dancers of

“Monterey County Dance Theatre”

King City


Monterey County Pops! performing at

Alisal Center for the Fine Arts – Oct. 2016