Pops! Pros Teach

Monterey County Pops! Pros Teach

Monterey County Pops! and Access Media Productions (AMP) announce the debut of a new locally produced TV series – “Monterey County Pops! Pros Teach”. This series of eight half-hour musical instrument clinics taught by MC Pops! principal players will air on Comcast channel 24 (AMP 1) every Friday at 4:30 p.m. beginning on Friday, November 13, 2020, as part of AMP’s PORTS programming targeted at the K-12 audience.

This series was produced by MCP! Vice President, Doug Lee, and directed by MCP! Music Director, Dr. Carl Christensen. The programs were filmed and edited in the AMP studios in Monterey by AMP’s technical staff and are part of MCP!’s commitment to support school music programs during the pandemic.

Videos and downloadable materials will be posted here regularly, be sure to check this page often!

Clarinet – Jeff Gallagher

Downloadable content:
Handout (PDF)

Flute – Karen King

Downloadable content:
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)
The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues (PDF)

Saxophone – Antony Pickard

Downloadable content:
Daily Exercises (PDF)
25 Daily Exercises (PDF)
Yardbird Suite (PDF)

Trombone – Steve Mortensen

Downloadable content:
Ernest Clarke Method for Trombone (PDF)
Lip Slurs (PDF)
The Slur (PDF)

Percussion and Timpani – Beverly Reese Dorcy

Downloadable content:
Percussion & Timpani – Beverly Reece Dorcy (PDF)
Nomenclature of Percussion Instruments (PDF)
Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments (PDF)
Mallet Percussion Scales (PDF)

Tuba – James Paoletti

Downloadable content:
Tuba Lesson, Aug. 22 (PDF)
BBb Overtone Series Partials 1-8 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Articulation Etude #1 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Articulation Etude #2 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Lip Slurs #1 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Lip Slurs #2 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Warm Downs and Tuning – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Warm Ups #1 – Score (PDF)
Breathing Exercises (PDF)
Practice Tips for the Tuba (PDF)
Tuba Equipment and Cleaning (PDF)
Tuba Harmonic Minor Scales (PDF)
Tuba Major Scales (PDF)
Tuba Mouthpiece Exercises – Score (PDF)
Tuba Natural Minor Scales – Score (PDF)

French Horn – Bruce Dorcy

Downloadable content:
Horn Class (PDF)

Trumpet – David Adams

Downloadable content:
Monterey County Pops Trumpet Tips (PDF)
The Seven Overtone Series of the B♭ Trumpet (PDF)
B♭ Trumpet Major Scales (PDF)
The Circle of Fifths (PDF)
Hexaphonic Study (PDF)
H.L. Clarke Technical Studies (PDF)
Marmalade 1 (PDF)
Marmalade 2 (PDF)
Terrific trumpeters to listen to (PDF)