Pops! Pros Teach

Monterey County Pops! Pros Teach

Welcome to the eighteen episodes of Monterey County Pops! Pros Teach. In these programs produced by Access Media Productions (AMP) in Monterey, California, our players explain the history and traditions of their instrument and give an intermediate level master class.

This series was produced by MCP! Vice President, Doug Lee, and directed by MCP! Music Director, Dr. Carl Christensen. The programs were filmed and edited in the AMP studios in Monterey by AMP’s technical staff and are part of MCP!’s commitment to support school music programs.

Videos and downloadable materials will be posted here regularly, be sure to check this page often!

Woodwind Instruments

Flute – Karen King

Downloadable content:
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)
The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues (PDF)

Oboe – Peter Lemberg

Downloadable content:
Dynamic & Interval Warm-ups (PDF)
Canata No. 202 by Bach (PDF)
Haydn Symphony No. 94, Second Movement (PDF)
Literature, Methods, etc. (PDF)
Great Oboists (PDF)

Clarinet – Jeff Gallagher

Downloadable content:
Handout (PDF)

Saxophone – Antony Pickard

Downloadable content:
Daily Exercises (PDF)
25 Daily Exercises (PDF)
Yardbird Suite (PDF)

Brass & Percussion Instruments

Trumpet – David Adams

Downloadable content:
Monterey County Pops Trumpet Tips (PDF)
The Seven Overtone Series of the B♭ Trumpet (PDF)
B♭ Trumpet Major Scales (PDF)
The Circle of Fifths (PDF)
Hexaphonic Study (PDF)
H.L. Clarke Technical Studies (PDF)
Marmalade 1 (PDF)
Marmalade 2 (PDF)
Terrific trumpeters to listen to (PDF)

French Horn – Bruce Dorcy

Downloadable content:
Horn Class (PDF)

Trombone – Steve Mortensen

Downloadable content:
Ernest Clarke Method for Trombone (PDF)
Lip Slurs (PDF)
The Slur (PDF)

Euphonium/Baritone – John Thomas

Downloadable content:
Baritone/Euphonium Clinic Equipment Sheet (PDF)
Baritone/Euphonium Warm Ups (PDF)

Tuba – James Paoletti

Downloadable content:
Tuba Lesson, Aug. 22 (PDF)
BBb Overtone Series Partials 1-8 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Articulation Etude #1 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Articulation Etude #2 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Lip Slurs #1 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Lip Slurs #2 – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Warm Downs and Tuning – Score (PDF)
BBb Tuba Warm Ups #1 – Score (PDF)
Breathing Exercises (PDF)
Practice Tips for the Tuba (PDF)
Tuba Equipment and Cleaning (PDF)
Tuba Harmonic Minor Scales (PDF)
Tuba Major Scales (PDF)
Tuba Mouthpiece Exercises – Score (PDF)
Tuba Natural Minor Scales – Score (PDF)

Percussion and Timpani – Beverly Reese Dorcy

Downloadable content:
Percussion & Timpani – Beverly Reece Dorcy (PDF)
Nomenclature of Percussion Instruments (PDF)
Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments (PDF)
Mallet Percussion Scales (PDF)

Garage Band Instruments

Electric Guitar – Paul Magpusao

Downloadable content:
Electric Guitar – History of Funk Music (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Influential Artists of Funk Music (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Downbeat, Backbeat, Syncopation (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Clean Up Woman (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Clean Up Woman, Bridge (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Shining Star (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Shining Star, Part 2 (PDF)
Electric Guitar – Suggested Resources for Listening and Learning (PDF)

Electric Bass – Steve Uccello

Downloadable content:
Electric Bass Information (PDF)
Electric Bass Standard of Excellence – Bass Clef Intro (PDF)
Electric Bass C Major Scale tabs (PDF)
Electric Bass – Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin, 1969) tab (JPEG)
Electric Bass – Natural Notes and Sharps on the neck (PDF)
Electric Bass Notes and Flats on the neck (PDF)
Pulse Metronome (App)

Drum Set – Mike Shannon

Downloadable content:
Drunmset (PDF)

Orchestral String Instruments

Violin – Amalia Diaz

Downloadable content:
Violin outline (PDF)
Beginner violin (PDF)
Intermediate violin (PDF)
Advanced violin (PDF)

Viola – Bryan Brasch

Downloadable content:
Viola literature and other resources (PDF)

Cello – Deborah Tandoc

Downloadable content:
Cello Malaguena (PDF)
Cello Old MacDonald (PDF)
Cello technique (PDF)
Cello video resources (PDF)

Bass – Stan Poplin

Downloadable content:
Bass Major Scale 3 string (JPG)
Bass Minor Scale 3 string (JPG)
Bass Major 7th Arpeggio (JPG)
Bass Minor 7th Arpeggio (JPG)
Bass Major Scale (JPG)
Bass Minor Scale (JPG)
Bass practice in all 12 keys (JPG)
Bass all blues (JPG)

Other Instruments

Classical Guitar – Terrence Farrell

Downloadable content:
How to hold the guitar (PDF)
Strum and hand positions (PDF)
Left hand position (PDF)
Tuning the guitar (PDF)
Right and left hand fingers (PDF)
Chromatic scale and chord chart (PDF)
House of the Rising Sun, part 1 (PDF)
House of the Rising Sun, part 2 (PDF)
Miscellaneous information on the guitar (PDF)