Greenfield 2017

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  1. JA says:

    The program today was nice but kept cutting out several times during the hour! However, we wanted to watch some of your previous performances as we had this outside at our BBQ. We could NOT acccess any of them. Not interested in reading stories about them…….SO why don’t you have videos that we can watch/listen to on this site???? Why bother to tell us about things since as we are home in place, we need to HEAR THE MUSIC. Keep videos on this site for those of us who can not come to your performances. Thx

    • Doug Smith says:

      Thanks for asking about our past performances. The contract we have with the musicians, unfortunately, does not normally allow us to broadcast (or re-broadcast) our performances. We made special arrangements to be able to broadcast / live-stream this concert. If the Covid pandemic continues we will look into a more permanent restructuring of the agreement.

      Thanks for joining us today. Happy 4th!

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